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Mobile Series Stage

For the ultimate in flexibility, you can wheel out the Mobile Stage when it’s needed and adjust the height, thanks to the extendable built-in legs. Then, when you’re done, simply fold it away for storage. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile stage system anywhere in Australia.

Each Mobile Stage system consists of two stage decks, each one measuring 2.44 x 1.83 metres when unfolded, or 8 x 6 feet. Since each system covers an area of around 4.5 square metres, you need fewer decks to create a larger staging system, which means a more efficient set-up time Adjustable height options include 400 or 600mm and 600 or 800 mm. Built-in caster wheels make it easy to manoeuvre the stage into position. Extend and lock the legs into position, and your stage is set. Our Mobile Series Stage comes complete with all the required accessories.

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We offer two or three-step systems depending on the height of your stage. You will need a two-step system for stages up to 600mm high and a three-step system for stages up to 800 mm high.

When you purchase your Mobile Stage, all steps are pre-installed. All you need to do is lower them into position and lock them into place.


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Mobile Stage Skirts

Mobile Stage Series skirts are made form premium quality velvet. Velcro tips are pre-installed on the edges of the stage as well as the skirts, so all you need to do it press them into place. The result is a neat and professional-looking stage with no unsightly gaps.

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