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  • All Terrain Stage Series

    • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE Suitable for indoor, outdoor and uneven surfaces
    • QUICK-LOCK DESIGN Design for all, easy to use by everyone
    • SAFE AND ROBUST 1000kg Loading Capacity, one of the strongest stage in the market
  • Mobile Folding Series

    • QUICK SETUP Wheel in, unfold and ready to use
    • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE Flexible for big or small gathering
    • STRONG AND ROBUST Strong steel structure and 18mm thick plywood top
  • Premiere Stage Series

    • LIGHTWEIGHT Only 12.7kg per panel, no more heavy lifting
    • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY Virtually anyone can install with a standard Allen Key
    • STRONG 950kg/m2 loading capacity
  • Trailer Stage

    • HIGHEST QUALITY Designed and Made in Australia
    • FLEXIBLE You can take your stage everywhere a vehicle can access
    • COMPLETE PACKAGE Stage, roof, guardrails, stairs and skirts are all included

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