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Drum Risers

Elevate Your Performance with Quality-Made Drum Risers

At the heart of every great performance is a solid, reliable foundation. That’s why at Transtage, our drum risers are carefully crafted to elevate your performance. Suitable for a wide array of venues and events, these drum risers are the go-to choice for schools, churches, bands, and event organisers across Australia.

Quick & Effortless Setup

Time is of the essence in live performances, and our drum risers are made with this in mind. Designed for rapid assembly, a single person can set up our popular 2m x 2m riser in just about one minute. This swift setup, combined with the intuitive ‘C-Clamp’ system, ensures your focus remains on the music, not on the clock.

Strength Meets Portability

Our drum risers are not just portable; they’re also built to last. Capable of supporting significant weight, they ensure stability for your drum kit and confidence in your performance. Despite their robust nature, these risers are surprisingly lightweight and compact, ensuring ease of transport and storage.

Customisation at Your Fingertips

Choose from a variety of sizes and heights to match your specific needs. Our modular design philosophy means you can create the perfect stage for your drummers, whether it’s for a school band performance or a professional touring act. Plus, our hook Velcro system allows for easy attachment of skirting, giving your stage a sleek, professional look.

Safety & Quality

Safety is paramount in any performance setting. Our drum risers are engineered with this in mind, featuring strong, durable construction and high-quality materials. The non-slip surfaces and optional guardrails provide an added layer of security for your performers.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Setup

Compatibility is key with portable staging, and that’s why our drum risers are designed to work flawlessly with both our staging systems and your existing setups. This flexibility ensures that our solutions seamlessly integrate into your performance space, enhancing rather than complicating your staging requirements.

Ready for Any Challenge

Our drum risers are not just for drummers. As is with our range of portable risers, the versatility of our drum risers makes them ideal for various applications, from other musicians to speakers and presenters. This adaptability makes our range of drum risers a cost-effective and practical addition to your staging arsenal.

If you’re ready to elevate your performances with drum risers, contact us on 1300 712 066 today for a quote and experience the Transtage difference – where quality, versatility, and ease of use come together to make every beat count.

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Catwalk Stage

Our catwalk stage comprises the exact same elements as our other staging sample configurations, however, as with any catwalk or runway stages, sometimes it’s nice to do something special! All of our catwalks are modular so we can create exactly the right shape and size for your fashion show and venue.

Our catwalk stage can be supplied in a wide range of designs including straight, T-shape and circles with carpet and high gloss finishes.

  • Straight catwalk 6 metres long, 2 metres wide with black valence.
  • T shape catwalk 8 metres long, 2 metres wide with a 6m wide, 2 metre deep T shape with black valence.


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Seating Riser

Transtage’s seating riser is the most convenient and secure way for the set-up of temporary or semi-permanent seating project.

Without any cumbersome tools, you can easily set up our seating riser in many configurations using the same equipment, making your venue highly flexible for a variety of performances. You can also configure seating to best suit the event by adding or removing levels.

As all risers utilise the All-Terrain Series platform the risers can easily be reconfigured into a flat stage, runway or speaker platform by purchasing legs of various heights.

The stage offers a secure weight capacity of over 1 tone per square meter. High-impact plastic feet will ensure floors are protected from damage.

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Choir Risers

Portable & Durable Choir Risers System

Transtage’s choir riser is a portable, durable system perfect for choir performances in any venue, whether you are a School, Church or travelling Choir.

The length and depth of each section is 2000mm x 500mm with a rise of 200mm between levels. Riser panels feature a strong continuous tubular frame construction that produces a seamless support structure. You can create custom riser configurations by combining multiple sections, this feature allows you to tailor your performance space to the number of performers, layout of the venue and size of the audience.

For strong support, this riser comes with four durable legs. Individual components are compact, lightweight, and foldable for ease of transportation. To keep the storage area to a minimum, all components can be quickly disassembled and flat packed within the platform top.

Safety rails are available as an optional extra for the back row and sides if required.

All our Choir Risers have Fast & Free delivery Australia-wide, and are easy to install and pack up. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 712 066.

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