Lite Series

Lightweight - Easy Assembly - Compact for storage

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Stage Deck

The Lite Series is the most lightweight, portable staging system on the market. It’s so simple to install; virtually anyone can do it.

Each 1m x 1m Premier Series stage deck weighs only 12.5 kg. An Allen key is the only tool required to install the legs to the decks and join the decks together. Decks are built with an aluminium framework and birch plywood and finished with either hard-wearing nonslip Duraflex or Premium Black Carpet.

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Stage Legs

Strong, durable legs are essential to hold your Lite Series stage. Lite Series legs have passed an impressive load test of 950 kg per square metre.

Made from lightweight aluminium, the concertina design allows the legs to be quickly set up and packed away after use. In addition, the legs are extremely compact for easy storage when not in use.

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Stage Step

Make it easy for everyone to mount your stage safely with Lite Series stage steps. Lite stage steps consist of a deck and rise. Each deck measures 1 m x 450 mm, and the rise if 200 mm high for each step. Secure your step or steps to your stage with the step riser clamp.

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Stage Skirts

Lite stage skirts are the perfect way to finish off your stage when it’s fully assembled. Use skirts to conceal what your audience doesn’t need to see beneath the stage to provided a seamless and professional aesthetic.

Made from high-quality, pleated fabric, Lite Series stage skirts are easy to attach to the edge of your stage with prefabricated velcro. Skirt height sizes range from 200mm to 800mm, or any custom-made height.

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Transportation Road Case- Lite Stage

Transporting your stage is quick and easy with the Lite stage transportation road case. Each road case can hold up to six decks and legs, with enough space for other accessories, such as skirts and connection hardware.

The compact design of the road case enables you to wheel it through doorways and into lifts. Heavy-duty casters and brakes ensure a smooth journey with no mishaps. And, when you’re done, the road case won’t take up too much storage space.

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Stage Transportation Caster Boards – Lite Stage

When you need to store or transport multiple decks, Lite stage transportation caster boards get the job done with minimum effort. Each caster board can hold up to 24 decks, making caster boards perfect for moving an entire stage to a different location or storing it on-site between shows.

A corner locking mechanism keeps the base deck secure on the caster board, and industrial ratchets, straps, and manually locking caster wheels help to prevent any decks from coming loose during transit.

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Accessory Case – Lite Stage Series

The Lite Series accessory case is ideal for keeping legs and smaller items associated with your stage, nice and safe. Each accessory case can store up to 18 legs, with enough room left for skirts, hardware, and anything else you don’t want to misplace.

Built-in handles on all sides facilitate easier lifting of your case. The Lite stage accessory case perfectly complements the Lite Series stage transportation caster boards, so you’ve got everything you need to store and transport your entire stage with the utmost efficiency.

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