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Mobile Staging Truck

You can take your stage everywhere a vehicle can access when it takes the form of a high-quality, dual axle aluminium trailer. With our Mobile Stage Series staging truck, you can set up a covered stage virtually anywhere, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for performing, advertising, celebrating, or marketing. The fully covered stage measures 6.5 m x 4.0 m, which is a 26-square-metre stage floor and can take the weight of approximately 30 people.

Rig your lights to the front and rear framework of the truck, and make your stage as dramatic or impressive as you dare. The Mobile Stage Series staging truck features a black backdrop from roof to floor right across the rear, steps with a handrail, and a stage-to-ground skirt for a professional finish. Tow the trailer to its destination and set up your stage when you arrive, or tow it in fully rigged position. The overall length of the trailer is 8 m.

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